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Maximize Your Return! Let us turn your unused equipment into cash!

Major Asset Recovery Inc. is in the asset recovery/E-waste business and wants to offer our services to companies that need environmental E-waste disposal and asset recovery. What is e E-waste disposal? The term e-Waste includes the following: desktop computers, cellular phones, faxes, copiers, printers, telecommunications equipment, monitors and any other device that contains electronic circuitry. These are machines with no resale value to which the EPA/DSTC treats as environmental pollutants. This is addressed in title 22 of the California code of regulations section 66273( 

When examining our pricng please keep in mind that your material will be handled the right way. Its not going into a container to pollute Asia. Its not being dunped in a domestic/Offshore landfill. Its being recycled the right way. E-waste/hazmad is being broken down into a recycled material which is then sold by the pound domestically. It cost more but you will never have to worry about were it went. Also our effiency in handling materials is such that it becomes a profit center component when we sell the finshed recycled product.

What is our pricing schedule?

Major Asset Recovery charges $8.00 per monitor up to 17”. Above 17", monitors are charged at $1.00 per inch. For example 19” $10 all terminals and workstations are $10.00. Printers are 50 cents per pound. Computers below Pentium 4’s are $10.00 each. We can physically remove the hard drive from the PC for the customer for $6. We can provide a DOD hard drive scrub for $3 per 10GB. This entails introducing a software agent to the Computer, which eliminates all data by right 0’s and 1’s on the hard drive 7 times. This will provide complete Sarbanes-Oxley compliance as it relates to data security on computer hard drives. We can suggest destroying a drive completely. Old drives have little value why scrub them?

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are $1 per pound. Misc. computer items such as mice, keyboards, scanners etc. are “No Charge” as long as they are packed in containers less than 20 pounds in weight. Pickup fees are $35.00 within 15 miles of Los Angeles County. $.50 per mile (portal to portal) if more than 15 miles. If multiple pickups are possible costs will be split. In New York City same rates apply. PROCEDURES FOR PICKUP: MARS requires a fax sent to us with a listing of the items you wish to deliver or have picked up.

If we have to pack the items and remove them from the facility, the charge is $15. Per man hour for this service. It is recommended that the items be placed on a loading dock or first floor for ease of loading. Please call 24 hours before you require pickup of your items. We offer Department of Toxic Substances Control safe handling for your e-waste. We are rebuilding, reuse, and recycle specialists. The products we receive are graded for performance, age, and usability. Those items which are immediately usable, Have their hard drives sanitized, new operating systems installed, and made ready for sale or donation to the two school districts in which we are “Partners in Education”. Those items which are re-build able or repairable such as Computers, Monitors and Printers, are routed to our training area for deconstruction and rebuild. Those items which are not economically feasible to rebuild are broken down into their component parts for reuse in other products.

We can process a mixed shipment for $1. per pound or we can base it on the item costs below. All work will be preformed at our facility in California.



Processing price by device as follows.
laptop Purchase working units/broken haul away $15
desktop/hard drive $15.
desktop/No harddrive $15.
Server/Hard drvie $15
Server/No hard drvie $15.
Stand Alone Hard Drive $15.
CRT Monitor $15.
LCD $0.
Desktop Printer $15.
Larger printers to qoute
Cell Phone Purchase working units  - payment by type
Smart Phone Purchase working units  - payment by type
Misc Box(30lbs) $15

UPS $1. per pound

Blended Processing Fees, meeting environmental requirements.
w/o drive = missing drive or not functioning
Server w/drive(s) Purchase working units/broken haul away $15.
Server w/o drive(s) Purchase working units/broken haul away $15.
Desktop w/ drive $15.
Desktop w/o drive $15.
SFF Desktop w drive $15.
SFF Desktop w/o drive $15.
Laptop w/ drive $15.
Laptop w/o drive $15.
Standalone Drive $5.
15" CRT $15.
17" CRT $15.
19+"CRT $25.
15" Flat Panel Purchase working units/broken haul away $0.

17" Flat Panel Purchase working units/broken haul away $0.

19+" Flat Panel Purchase working units/broken haul away $0.

Refrigerator, Full size $25.
Refrigerator, Dorm size $15.
Microwave $15.
Small Copier $15.
Large Copier $15.
Huge Copier $25.
Cell Phone Purchase broken haul away $5.

Smart Phone (data)  broken haul away $5.
Box of Cables (Paper Box Size) $15.
Box of Cables w/ CDs or DVDs $15.





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